Do you want to work as a guide?    

This is a high-speed job that requires an open and flexible mind, an outgoing personality, interest in people, languages
and foreign cultures, an ability to travel, also at short notice, and a high level of languages. 

The Norwegian Guide Service Guide Course is a fully comprehensive, Self Study Correspondence course which prepares
you for working for us as a guide for the summer season.The course comprises of 175 hours of Self Study (no salary paid),
Guided Visits and Practical Training (no salary paid), and covers everything you will need in your work as a guide, from
a basic introduction to the Service Industry, right through to presentation techniques and detailed study visits to all of the
attractions you will be guiding your passengers around. All selected candidates will need to attend the Norwegian Guide Service guide course in English (both online as on site), including candidates who have previous experience as guides.

The course will start in mid April 2017 as Distance Learning (6 modules + 9 tests). You should dedicate approx 30 hours
weekly to studying the online documents and take the tests. The course will continue in Bergen from mid April with guided visits and practical training, partially in the morning, partially in the afternoon and also during weekends (approx 6 hours every day) and will culminate with a written and oral exams in all the languages you will guide in. 

Participants need to be available for the full duration of the course and stay in Bergen and work until the end of August/mid September.

The amount of work you will receive after passing the exams depends on the languages you speak, your availability
throughout the summer as well as the sales onboard the ships. We supply guides to our mother company
European Cruise Service which have 240 out of 310 cruise calls in Bergen 2017.

Guide Course 2018:
please have a look at this web site again in January 2018
for info reg. requirements 2018, and then send you application.

It is too late to apply for the guide course 2017,
it finished 15.05.17.


Guide course 2017:

Position requirements: 

English + German 
Dutch in addition is an advantage. 

(B2 to C2 level according to EU standards, see “Europass language self-assessment grid”).
Norwegian is not a requirement.

Please read the job advertisement and Guide Course FAQs here below,
and if you feel you are the right person, send us a short cover letter, 
a EuroPASS CV with detailed language levels and a picture. 

We will only consider applications which fulfill the above mentioned
requirements (= cover letter, EuroPASS CV + English and German (C level).
Policy: we do not recruit guides who have worked with
Nordic Gateway, Bergen Guide Service, Bergen By Expert
or other guide services in Norway (unless sister companies).
Suitable candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview,
then the next step is a short presentation on a topic about Norway.

Application deadline: 6th of March 2017


Our guide courses offer:

  • Online educational program in English: Distance Learning studies with tests at the end of each topic (9 tests), 
    that will allow you to continue to the next module
  • You study wherever you are - use any computer in the world with an Internet connection
  • The classroom is always open - study at the time that suits you best
  • General service education
  • On-site educational program in Bergen: guide training on bus and on foot, visits to museums, oral and written examination
  • Mandatory Safety course for guides so that you can enter the ports of Bergen
  • Local NGS authorisation in the languages in which you wish to guide
  • All authorisations are given by a committee established by NGS 
  • All guide course fees sponsored by Norwegian Guide Service.

If you live outside Bergen, you will have to organise and pay for your own travel to Bergen and lodging
during the course and summer season.

The average cost of an apartment in Bergen is about NOK 4500/€ 500 per
month + electricity 
(deposit must be paid in advance for 1-3 months).
It is your own responsibility to find accommodation which suits you in good time
before arrival. 
Info on accommodation in Bergen:,,
Flight tickets:
Tui, Apollo, Vitaltour, SAS, Norwegian

We require that you:

  • are at least 23 years old
  • have a professional appearance and are sociable
  • are highly motivated and flexible
  • are able to travel by bus, train, boat or plane
  • speak the languages that you will guide in fluently (e.g. you have studied the language or spent time
    in the country where the language is spoken)
  • speak English + at least one of the above mentioned languages (B2 or C2 according to European language levels. See "Europass self-assesment grid")  
  • have enough funds to support yourself until the first proper salary on the 15th July (deposit, rent, food and expenses) 
  • have at least one year of working experience, excluding part time jobs during study years
  • have two references from previous jobs (name of company, contact person, position, phone number and e-mail address)
  • are available for the Self Study Online Guide Course in March and until mid April, approx 30 hours every week
  • are available for the full duration of the local guide course in Bergen mid April until mid May
  • are available to work in Bergen from mid May until the end of August without taking long holidays
  • live in the centre of Bergen
  • have completed the entire guide course and passed the oral and written examinations
  • have or will get a Work Permit (see SUA, UDI, NAV), tax card (you need an agreement/contract from us to apply to
    get a tax card) and a Norwegian bank account (a valid PASSPORT is required to open a bank account).
  • have or will get a mobile phone with a Norwegian phone number
  • are able to work at short notice and enjoy working in a team with guide colleagues / Norwegian Guide Service / European Cruise Service
  • higher education is an advantage 

We offer you:

  • an exciting summer job as a guide
  • guide assignments from mid May until the end of September
  • employee insurance
  • NGS guide jacket
  • NGS/ECS yellow Safety Vest / High-visibility vest
  • Guidenet WEB: your own booking site
  • Info for guides: access to our info web site for all the NGS guides
  • highest guide salary in Bergen, according to assignment (per day per assignment)
  • the possibility of returning to work for us each summer
  • opportunities to work for our mother company (dispatch or assistant in the office) European Cruise Service 

Click on the link below for some Frequently asked Questions :

Guide Course FAQs

European Language Levels You should have a level of at least C1 in Speaking and Listening Skills.


In order to apply, please send:

1. A short cover letter answering the following questions:

When can you move to Norway and until when can you work ?

Are you available for the full duration of the local guide course in Bergen from mid April until mid May?

Can you work and/or travel at moment's notice?

Are you physically fit for hiking tours (approx 8 km) ?

Are you carsick, seasick or afraid of heights?

2. EuroPASS CV with detailed language levels (A-C),
place and date of birth 
We will only consider CVs that are EuroPASS CVs

3. Your Skype ID (if we contact you for a Skype interview, 
please be ready by a PC with webcam)

4. A picture, if your CV does not have one


Only applications which fulfill our requirements (points 1-4)

will be taken into consideration

Photo: Visit Flåm/R.M. Sørensen

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