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The gateway to the fjords

Bergen is a vibrant and modern city, surrounded by its seven mountains and the City Fjord - and is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen!


As well as being the second largest city in Norway, Bergen is Norway's most visited city – serving as the gateway to the fjords to over 3.5 million visitors each year.

Bergen's port is one of the busiest in Norway, and about 600,000 people visit the city by cruise ship each year.

The peak guiding season in Bergen runs from May to the end of September.


Norwegian Guide Service

Founded in 1991, Norwegian Guide Service takes care of over 50 local Guides to provide our guests with the highest quality visit to Bergen. We are part of a larger family of companies, with a heritage of almost 170 years, started by the legendary Thomas Bennett. 

Our Guides work primarily with cruise ship guests through Norway’s leading cruise-tour operator, European Cruise Service, covering over 80% of cruise-ship visits to Bergen. Most of our office team are themselves NGS-qualified Guides.

We rely on our rich history, striving to remain at the forefront of quality guided experiences in Bergen and Norway.


All about the stories

As a Guide, you are responsible for creating memorable experiences of Bergen and the surrounding fjords for your guests.​

You will lead groups on specially-designed routes showcasing the different faces of Bergen, from two-hour panoramic city experiences to ‘full-day’ tours of the region.

Guiding is not a full-time job, nor a part-time job with predetermined working hours.


Guides are freelancers; they acquire the skills and knowledge to qualify for ever more challenging assignments.

NGS is a guide service company hiring the services of Guides, providing them with assignments to fulfill the requests of our clients. The amount and duration of the assignments you can be booked for depends on your language & skills, your availability throughout the season, and the amount and type of tours sold by our clients. Guides are then paid per assignment, with the rate reflecting the assignment duration and number of languages.

Cruise guests usually visit Bergen within 7-12 hours - thus many Guides accept assignments around study, family and other work, while others fully commit themselves to the assignments on offer.

Guides are hired as contractors on an assignment-based, freelance-style arrangement.


Dedicated, international storytellers

Our Guides are positive, service-minded, and always flexible. They are self-confident, witty and charming, but also humble and caring.

They are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and stories to fascinate and enchant others, as well as being very good listeners.

Excellent language and communication skills are key; our Guides must speak English plus one or more of the following: Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese.

Norwegian is not a requirement.

The intensity of the cruise season varies, so candidates must be prepared to have the flexibility for busy and light days, as well as days free, throughout the week.

All Guides must take (and pass) our Basic Requirements training, and stay in Bergen to work steadily until the end of August or mid-September.


Be part of our guiding community

The opportunity to share your love for Bergen with curious visitors who are fascinated by Norway - and earn money by doing that!

Working alongside passionate, interesting people that care about the human element of their job

Highly competitive pay

Free education and NGS certification

An exciting opportunity to work in your native and second languages

A job that connects people and is enhanced by your communication style and interests

A flexible work schedule that you can suit to your needs

The possibility of returning to guide for following seasons

Career opportunities within a developing network of companies

An environment that highly values and recognises dedication, loyalty and experience

Rita - guiding since 2017

"I can't wait for the next season to start [...] I love my guests and have so much fun with them. Can’t wait to be surrounded by interested, fun loving people [...] and to give them fun stories to take back to their countries and an experience to remember. Best job ever!” "


Support from A to Bergen


Online & on-site training and support

Working as a Guide in cruise tourism requires a special set of skills and knowledge.

The NGS Training Platform prepares you to be a Guide partner, covering everything from an introduction to the Norwegian service and cruise industries, right through to communication, presentation and group management techniques - as well as essential knowledge of Norway and Bergen.​

All selected candidates will need to complete our Guide Basic Requirements training in English (online & on-site learning and examination).

After being certified to fulfill the basic requirements, you will start guiding and continue to develop yourself as a Guide with us, capable of taking on ever more complex and varied experiences.

Norwegian Guide Service sponsors the costs of the training, development and certification of our Guide partners. Candidates must be able to support themselves during the Basic Requirements training.


Free educational platform with worldwide access - open from early 2020

We want you to start with the confidence and ability to charm your guests with your stories of Bergen and Norway from day one.

Our online Google classroom is always open. So study at a time and place that suits you best.

We have designed our educational materials and quizzes to give you a strong starting knowledge of Norway, Bergen and the service industry.

Our educational materials are in English.


Team & individual training in Bergen - from early 2020

Guiding is a very practical, hands-on job and an important part of your training and development will happen through seminars, observation and practice tours - as well as independent study and visits.​


We aim to give everyone a structured yet flexible training path to acquire the necessary skills and experience. You will be joining a network of Guides, new and experienced, and it is a perfect opportunity for us to meet each other and feel part of the NGS team!

Our on-site Basic Requirements training is mandatory for all applicants (local and international), and gives you real experience of guiding on bus and on foot and visiting our attractions.

You will also develop your own guiding techniques and take a compulsory safety course for access to the ports of Bergen.

Our on-site training is conducted in English - although you will be tested on all your guiding languages.



Your first stories as a fully-qualified Guide

You will start taking on your own assignments as soon as possible after fulfilling the minimum criteria and receiving your NGS Basic Requirements certification.

Thanks to your commitment during the Guide training, you will be able to amaze even the most experienced travellers with your insight into Bergen and your guiding abilities.

But you are far from being done; during the season, you will continue to accumulate knowledge and develop your skills - through independent study, by learning tips and tricks from our experienced Guides on tour, and through further certification with NGS.

Guides who increase their guiding repertoire are able to increase their potential earnings over the season.

Guide FAQ



Please read all the information above and the Guide FAQ before starting!

Deadline: ongoing

Guides need to be available for the full duration of the online & on-site Guide Course.

Guides must be able to support themselves financially during the Guide Course and until the first salary payment on the 15th of the month.

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