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Our Dispatch Team oversees and coordinates operations directly on the pier for visiting cruise ships in Bergen - last year, we dispatched over 4500 tours and accommodated over 250 cruise-ship visits.


We would like for you to start your story with us, and make Bergen the very best experience for visitors in 2020!


The city of the seven mountains

Bergen is a vibrant and modern city, surrounded by its seven mountains and the City Fjord - and is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen!


As well as being the second largest city in Norway, Bergen is Norway's most visited city – serving as the gateway to the fjords to over 3.5 million visitors each year.

Bergen's port is one of the busiest in Norway, and about 600,000 people visit the city by cruise ship each year.

The peak season in Bergen runs from May to the end of September.


Norwegian Guide Service

Founded in 1991, Norwegian Guide Service takes care of over 50 local Guides and 4 Dispatchers to provide our guests with the highest quality visit to Bergen. We are part of a larger family of companies, with a heritage of almost 170 years, started by the legendary Thomas Bennett. 

Our Guides work primarily with cruise ship guests through Norway’s leading cruise-tour operator, European Cruise Service, covering over 80% of cruise-ship visits to Bergen. Most of our office team are themselves NGS-qualified Guides and Dispatchers.

We rely on our rich history, striving to remain at the forefront of quality guided experiences in Bergen and Norway.


The face of a business

​As Dispatch personnel, you are the focus of our Dispatch operations directly on the pier, overseeing outgoing/incoming tours. Your role in this begins 45 minutes before the first tour departs, and follows the preparations made by the Office Team.

The objective is to implement and coordinate the planned schedule for the day, and - when necessary - adapt plans to ensure a safe and successful day for all.


The Dispatch Team represents the company directly on the pier during operations and communicates directly with a ship's Shore Excursions team. They are also responsible for supporting the Guide Team to provide an excellent service to our visiting guests.

Norwegian Guide Service works primarily with cruise ship guests through Norway’s leading cruise-tour operator, European Cruise Service.

Dispatchers are hired as contractors on an assignment-based, freelance-style arrangement.


Professional & accommodating

Our Dispatch personnel are alert, service-minded and always flexible. They are decisive and authoritative, but also humble and caring.

The Dispatch Team works outside in all weather conditions to showcase the best of others and remains positive in even the most challenging situations.

Excellent language and communication skills are key; our Dispatch personnel must speak English. Other languages in addition are an advantage but not necessary, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian.

Being able to speak Norwegian is not a requirement, but is a distinct advantage.

The intensity of the cruise season varies, so candidates must be prepared to have the flexibility for busy and light days, as well as days free, throughout the week.

All Dispatch personnel must undertake our training programme, and stay in Bergen to work steadily until mid-August or the end of September.


Become part of our team

Dispatch assignments for over 80% of the cruise calls to Bergen

Free dispatch training from our experienced Dispatch Team

An exciting opportunity to work in your native and second languages

A job that connects people and is enhanced by your communication style and interests

Weatherproof dispatch jacket and high-visibility vest for the season

The possibility of returning to dispatch for following seasons

Career opportunities within a developing network of companies

An environment that highly values and recognises dedication, loyalty and experience

Lénaïc - Dispatching since 2018

"As a Dispatcher, you are the one the Guides and the cruise ship Dispatch Team rely on. They know if anything is going wrong, you are here to fix it - that is really rewarding."


Dispatch training


On-site & online training and support

The NGS Dispatch training prepares you for working on the pier as part of the Dispatch Team, covering everything from a basic introduction to the Norwegian service industry, right through to situation management and our operating procedures.

Your training will be conducted by experienced Dispatch personnel, with whom you will be working during the season. The training will be both theoretical and practical, with a strong emphasis on gaining experience on the pier with real Guides, suppliers and clients.

An brief online course will run parallel to the on-site training.

The educational costs of the on-site training will be covered by Norwegian Guide Service - but you will have to provide for all living costs yourself.

Dispatch FAQ

Photo by Ian McFadzean/BergenPhotoWalks


Please read all the information above and the Dispatch FAQ before starting!

Deadline: ongoing

Dispatch personnel need to be available for the full duration of the on-site Dispatch training.

Dispatch personnel must be able to support themselves financially during the Dispatch Course and until the first salary payment on the 15th of the month.

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